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New Amadeus solution empowers your e-commerce strategy

Deliver more content, lowest fares with Amadeus e-Power booking engine

With a new year just around the corner, there’s no better time to expand your online customer base than today. Rev up your engine with NEW Amadeus e-Power, the most powerful, flexible search engine for today's travel companies selling B2B and B2C online solutions.

Use Amadeus e-Power to expand your Web presence with built-in search optimization that draws customers to your Web site first—so you don't miss a second of new sales.

With Amadeus e-Power, you'll amplify your position on the Web as a leading e-commerce travel site.

• Compete with confidence by offering customers a broader range of content and real-time availability.

• Benefit from easy-to-use features like an innovative calendar display that makes searching and booking simple and flexible.

• Establish your company's leadership. Customize your site to reflect your unique personality. Set up and maintenance couldn't be easier.

• Attract new customers with flexible options that draw them to your site 24/7, including online payment, special requests and easy-to-access travel details.

Empower your agency for online success with Amadeus e-Power!

To speak to an Amadeus representative, call 1.888.AMADEUS (in the US) or 1.888.611.5554 (in Canada). Or email 

Amadeus Schedule Minder automatically tracks passenger records

It’s like having your own personal assistant

Are you spending too much back-and-forth time on the phone with clients, alerting them to flight changes and waitlist clearances? Amadeus knows you’d rather be selling. With our new automated solution, Amadeus Schedule Minder RSS Feed, you can leave the “PNR minding” to us—so you can focus on building your bottom line.

Amadeus Schedule Minder RSS Feed is like having your own personal assistant. It produces a precisely formatted, electronically stored file of all passenger name records (PNRs) residing within the schedule change and waitlist clearance queues of your registered agency office IDs. The data you need is provided in a really simple syndication (RSS) XML file, allowing you to use your own automation tools to send notifications to your clients in their preferred mode. As a result, you will:

• Spend more time selling—and less time servicing PNRs
• Reduce outgoing telephone calls and lower agency communications costs
• Provide schedule change and waitlist clearance information the way your clients prefer, such as email, text message or other electronic communication
• Save time, money and resources!

Replace productivity drains with revenue gains when you subscribe to the value-added Amadeus Schedule Minder RSS Feed. 

To speak to an Amadeus representative, call 1.888.AMADEUS (in the US) or 1.888.611.5554 (in Canada). Or email 

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