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Case study: Amadeus helped Hogg Robinson Group increase its competitive advantage in key markets

An international travel management company with operations in more than 100 countries, Hogg Robinson Group was on a mission to improve productivity by converging processes and homogenizing customer delivery in its incredibly diverse array of markets.

Working with Amadeus, Hogg Robinson Group was able to increase its competitive advantage in key markets by:

  • Identifying "best practices" by analyzing HRG agencies' operational performances in 20 different markets
  • Harmonizing services cross-regionally to increase productivity
  • Setting forth a plan for increased front to back office process integration

By identifying HRG agencies' "best practices" after a detailed analysis and diagnosis of 20 different agencies, Amadeus offered HRG a clear roadmap to follow for achieving its mission of optimizing work flow processes, increasing productivity—and ultimately becoming a more competitive player in key markets.

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