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Partnering with Amadeus: studies in success

You need tangible and performance-altering results that boost productivity, service and profits. Because each business is unique, Amadeus Travel Technology Consulting customizes our solutions to coincide with your business strategies, directly address your specific challenges, and optimize workflows for improved productivity.

Organizations that partner with Amadeus report:

  • Optimized front, mid and back office processes
  • Ticket price savings (domestic and international) due to increased inventory and price transparency
  • Improved productivity + reduced costs = increased ROI
How Amadeus helped Hogg Robinson Group increase its competitive advantage

"Amadeus Business Consulting experts delivered [our] mission following a clear and solid methodology. They demonstrated an impressive know-how fulfilling very well our needs. In addition, the timeline was rigorously respected raising the confidence we had initially put in them and strengthening our privileged relationship."

Allison Walsh, Regional Manager, Hogg Robinson Group

Other Amadeus case studies

How Amadeus helped Aviatur increase travel agents' efficiency, boost revenues, and enhance customer service by creating a custom-built point-of-sale solution

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"The Amadeus custom desktop allows us to keep ourselves at the forefront of technology, be more efficient, more profitable, more reliable and—even more important—provide our customers with the best possible service."

Jean-Claude Bessudo, CEO and President, Aviatur S.A.

How Amadeus improved L'alianXa Travel Network with a 28% increase in sales and a 16% reduction in costs

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"The Amadeus custom desktop has allowed us to standardize our processes and become more efficient—it has made life much easier for our employees."

Alonso Monsalve, President, L’alianXa Travel Network

How Amadeus made Cemex spend 80% less time on hotel reservations and reduce travel costs by 40%

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"Cemex achieved a complete return on investment (ROI) in only 9 months."

María del Carmen Venegas, Head of Travel Service, Cemex

How Amadeus helped BearingPoint boost ROI for American Express

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"We recognized that business travel, as one of the top three spend areas for BearingPoint represented a strategic investment for our company and we wanted to improve our return on investment (ROI)."

Andreas Mutschler, EMEA Manager, Meeting & Travel Services, BearingPoint

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