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Gain compelling industry insight from our expert research team. As your technology partner, Amadeus is committed to providing valuable resources—including studies and analyses of breaking corporate travel trends—that will help you stay ahead of the game.

The Travel Gold Rush 2020

Explore trends shaping the future of travel, specifically focused on the challenges and opportunities facing airlines and agents.

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The Amateur Expert Traveller

Discover the top three trends influencing the travel industry and see how the recession is affecting them. The report contains interviews with 30 travel industry leaders and a survey
of almost 3,000 global travel experts.

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Cost control and beyond

Across the global corporate landscape, all eyes are focused on budgets—and it's not just the accounting department peering into the microscope. Where do CFOs want to see improvements?

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The austere traveller: the effect of corporate cutbacks on hotels

Austerity is the "new norm" for business travelers. Fewer, cheaper and shorter are the new buzz words.

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Video: how mobile technology will transform travel

Take a look at how mobile technology is transforming the travel experience, delivering convenience and bringing increased productivity to travelers and travel managers alike.

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Passengers eye 'a la carte' options in travel buffet

A recent Amadeus survey reveals US air travelers are cozying up to a buffet of "a la carte" options when it comes to airline fee-for-service models.

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Will cell phones rule the world?

A report by Amadeus and the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) says mobile technology will transform the business traveler experience.

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