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Technology is rapidly changing the world, and these changes can work either for or against players in the travel industry. Consolidation, competition, lack of customer loyalty and rampant cost-cutting can create a "sink or swim" mentality in this ever-evolving market.

For businesses with the insight required to survive, opportunities to thrive abound. But ask yourself: "Is my IT roadmap supporting my business plan?"

The Amadeus Travel Technology Consulting Team is committed to helping customers realize their vision by harnessing unparalleled domain expertise and delivering innovative solutions that transcend the traditional boundaries of travel technology.

Our client-centric approach is tailored to your needs: delivering the cutting edge solutions, operational expertise and technology know-how that will take your business higher.

The Amadeus method to Travel Technology Consulting is to unite business and IT strategies. Your operations, your technology and your strategy dictate the customization of our solution. Our competition may provide expertise in either technology or strategy; we provide both.

Our Travel Technology Consulting portfolio

Our team

By partnering with Amadeus, your business will benefit from a dedicated, cross-functional team representing a broad array of expertise and experience in the travel industry and beyond. With an in-depth knowledge of corporate, leisure and online travel sectors, our team has a deep understanding of economic and business factors driving IT strategies. Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Travel technology and applications
  • Data solutions
  • e-Commerce
  • Social media
  • Organizational and operational efficiencies
  • Business innovation
  • Sales channel opportunities
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