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Amadeus Customer Extranet Registration Guide

  1. Prior to Registration, you will need to have your Amadeus Customer Number and Office ID available for reference. 

    To access Billing Services, you will also be required to provide a valid Contract Number that is associated to your Agency.

    Your Amadeus Customer Number is 8 characters long and can be found on the top of your monthly Amadeus invoice.

    Your Office ID can be displayed once you sign into your computer by entering a pv transaction. It is 9 characters long and is formatted as: MIA1S100A

    * * * * * * * * * * * *  PV OFFICE PROFILE  * * * * * * * * * *
    AMADEUS OFFICE ID          - MIA1S100A      AMID - 000000
  2. All fields on the Registration form are required.

  3. Your Username must be unique.

  4. Passwords are case sensitive and must be the same in both Site Password and Confirm Password spaces.

  5. E-mail address must be the same in both E-mail and Confirm E-mail spaces and will be used to confirm your Registration.

  6. Read the Website Terms and Conditions document before selecting the check box and Submitting your Registration.

  7. If all fields have been entered correctly, you will receive a message that “Your Amadeus registration has been submitted successfully”.

  8. A Confirmation email message from will be sent to the address provided in your Registration. You must use the link in that message to verify your e-mail address and complete the Registration process.

  9. If you have problems with login, please Contact us

Access to Billing Services

  1. You will not be permitted to access Amadeus Billing Services unless you have verified yourself as a Manager, Owner or Accountant. To complete this verification, click on Account Access in the upper right corner of the Amadeus Customer Extranet

  2. Here you must enter a valid Contract Number that is associated to your Agency.

  3. Your Contract Number is an 8-digit number and can be found on your Amadeus Service Schedule.

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